Fountaingate Gardens is coming to Long Island, and area seniors will soon have a new choice in senior living. This proposed Life Plan Community, also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), will offer residents an independent, maintenance-free retirement living option, complete with exceptional services and amenities plus a full spectrum of higher levels of healthcare services should they ever be needed in the future.

To become a resident of a Life Plan Community like Fountaingate Gardens, residents pay a one-time entrance fee. This partially refundable investment is related to the size of the apartment home you choose and the level of future services, and assures you the services and amenities offered by the community for life. Plus, it guarantees priority access to future healthcare from the highly rated Gurwin family of healthcare services, including assisted living and skilled nursing care.

After the one-time entrance investment, there is also an all-inclusive monthly service package, which covers all services and amenities, home and campus maintenance, multiple dining options, utilities and much more.

Because Fountaingate Gardens is not a real estate purchase, the community offers several different residency contract options that outline the level of future care services you may opt for, depending on your individual plans for asset and healthcare protection.  The cost of the entrance fee is dependent on both the residence size and contract type you choose. The residency agreement also defines the portion of the entrance fee that is refundable to you or your estate upon move out – 50% or 80%. There are many financial options to choose from, so you will be able to choose a plan that works best for you.

A Proactive Choice

Moving to a Life Plan Community like Fountaingate Gardens assures a lifestyle that is designed to allow you to remain as active and engaged as possible.  And, it also means that if you were to ever need a higher level of services in the future, you will have priority access to the Gurwin continuum.  If you already have long-term care insurance, you can choose a contract type that pairs well with the insurance plan you have.

It’s a proactive decision, much like purchasing home or car insurance. Like all insurance, you hope you never need to use it, but it’s there just in case… giving you – and your family – peace of mind, assurance and control. You may never need the healthcare services your entrance fee grants you access to, but at a Life Plan Community, you’ll always be prepared.

Contract Types

Of the two contract types offered at Fountaingate Gardens, the Life Care (Type A) contract is the most comprehensive. This contract type allows you to progress through a continuum of residential and healthcare services throughout your lifetime, if needed, while guaranteeing your monthly service fee will not change – regardless of the services you receive–except for a small yearly adjustment for inflation.

The Modified (Type B) contract is the contract you would choose if you’ve already purchased long-term care insurance or if you don’t want to pay for future healthcare services ahead of time. This contract type does not require that you pre-pay for future healthcare services until or unless you need it.  If that should be needed, your long term care insurance would be applied to help defray the rising cost from independent living to assisted living and to skilled nursing care.  Of note, the community will provide no rise in costs for 60 days should you need to progress to a higher level of care, allowing for the waiting period of most long term care policies.

Financial Benefits

There are many financial benefits to choosing a Life Plan Community, beyond the residency contract offerings. Because your monthly service fee covers just about everything, you’ll have one, predictable monthly cost throughout the year. Say goodbye to unexpected house repairs, utility bills and property taxes. Included in your monthly service fee are residence and campus maintenance, utilities, taxes, dining, education, entertainment, transportation, and so much more.

You won’t have to keep extra funds available for the “what ifs” of life — you’ll already have them planned and paid for. You’ll be free to use your funds exactly how you want to, whether it’s traveling, a hobby, or experiences spent with friends and family. And, best of all, you will eliminate the burden on your family of making difficult decisions for you and allow you to remain in control of your future!

For more information about Fountaingate Gardens, give us a call today at 631-715-2693, visit our Information Center at 50 Hauppauge Rd., Commack, NY, or request your free information kit here.

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