continue to engage during heavy snow, or after you have stopped driving? Are you in groups that regularly connect you with new and interesting people? One option to help you meet all seven dimensions of wellness is to consider moving to a Life Plan Community (also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC). When you move into independent living, you move into an environment designed to provide a supportive, convenient home for you, for as long as you live there. If you ever require more health care services, a Life Plan Community has the appropriate staff and residences to continue to make your environment fulfilling. The physical benefits of a Life Plan Community are that health care, physical therapy and rehabilitation services are available on-site, should you ever need them. Your spiritual wellness can be addressed by taking time to visit with a rabbi or members of clergy, taking yoga or tai chi classes, or meditating in a garden – all without needing to travel. As new neighbors move in, there’s a natural influx of new, intelligent and interesting people to meet your needs and desires for social interaction. Getting involved with the theater, the art gallery, the library or other volunteer efforts keeps you on your toes, working to create the next gallery display, the next musical or the next book sale. When you live in a Life Plan Community, day or night, summer or winter, you’re only a short walk from exercise classes, or meeting with an instructor who will help you design a fitness program specifically to your needs. To keep your mind challenged, you can join current affairs discussion groups, book clubs or the wide variety of other groups found on campus. Finally, the abundance of new friends and caring staff members gives you someone to talk to, celebrate with and support you. Life Plan Communities are truly an excellent key to help you age successfully, because you have immediate and easy access to programs, events, friends and a safe environment, all of which help you achieve each of the seven dimensions of wellness. Planning Tool On the next page, take a moment to plan how you will work on all seven aspects of wellness in your current house compared to life in a Life Plan Community. Consider barriers found in each situation – will you still be able to drive to the pool throughout the winter? Will your friends be able to come over for lunch consistently? Use this chart as a tool to help you decide which lifestyle is a better fit for you. ~4~ Fountaingate Gardens 50 Hauppauge Road, Commack, NY 11725 631-210-5806 The purpose of this marketing material is for Fountaingate Gardens to offer prospective residents an opportunity to a guarantee a residence in the proposed community by entering a reservation reservation agreement and paying a fully refundable 10% deposit reservation fee. The reservation fee will be deposited into an escrow account and shall be refunded with interest upon request for cancellation. The reservation agreement is not a continuing care contract and may be cancelled at anytime by the prospective resident or their legal representative Fountaingate Gardens is your source for information on senior living.