What Are My Entrance Fee Options?

When selecting a residence at Fountaingate Gardens for your active retirement future, you’ll have choices when deciding which entrance fee refund option is best for you. Fountaingate Gardens currently offers three refund options, which allow you to determine how much of an initial investment in the entrance fee you wish to make. For more general information on entrance fees, click here to read our blog on the topic.

80% Refundable Option

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Comparing the Value of Fountaingate Gardens to Your Current House

Are you having difficulty visualizing your expenses in a Life Plan Community* as compared to staying in your current home? Without firm numbers and a full look at your current expenses, it’s hard to picture a community like Fountaingate Gardens as a good value for your money. Although in past blogs we’ve outlined the benefits of the various contracts and return of entrance fee options — and the lifestyle and future security benefits are obvious — sometimes it’s a challenge to see how this type of retirement living can actually be financially advantageous.

Until now, we haven’t shared any pricing on our website; but that’s about to change. As you review the following charts, we hope you will better understand how Fountaingate Gardens can be a good financial fit for you. You’ll see that you don’t have to choose the highest cost contract to have access to all of the services and amenities Fountaingate Gardens will offer. Using the middle cost option – the Modified Contract option – we’ll illustrate for you the benefits it provides, not only in monthly/annual savings, but also additional healthcare security:  you’ll have 60 days of assisted living and skilled nursing included at no additional charge AND a lifetime discount on these services, which can add up to significant value. Continue reading “Comparing the Value of Fountaingate Gardens to Your Current House”

Getting in on the Ground Floor with the Newest in Senior Living on Long Island

Fountaingate Gardens will be Long Island’s newest Life Plan Community,* bringing the area’s seniors a unique opportunity to be part of something new – right from the very start. Everything from the buildings to the residents will be new, but behind the project will be a longtime, trusted household name –Gurwin. You have the chance to get in on the ground floor of the newest option in senior living on Long Island, and shape what the culture and community will become. Unlike residents who choose longstanding senior living communities, residents at Fountaingate Gardens will form new relationships with neighbors who are all starting their active retirement  community lifestyles at exactly the same time. Continue reading “Getting in on the Ground Floor with the Newest in Senior Living on Long Island”

Why You Need to Look Beyond 55+ Communities on Long Island, NY

When older adults start thinking about downsizing or moving to a retirement community, they often begin looking at 55+ communities. These communities can be described as residential neighborhoods with an age restriction, and, for many, it can seem like an obvious choice. Many 55+ communities on Long Island typically provide services such as outdoor maintenance and a few campus amenities, but they are ultimately limited in the services they offer and the sense of community they foster.

The 55+ communities on Long Island won’t be able to accommodate your wants and needs as you age, creating a new set of challenges later on down the road. You may need to move again one day, in order to find a community that will meet your changing healthcare needs. With this in mind, a 55+ community may be a good fit for today, but will it be a good fit for you throughout your retirement? Continue reading “Why You Need to Look Beyond 55+ Communities on Long Island, NY”

Tips for Choosing Among Retirement Communities on Long Island

While searching for a retirement community, it can be difficult to create a definitive list of your wants and needs.  There are several important factors to contemplate, and you may need help finding a community that will meet all your expectations. That’s why we’ve devised this list of tips for you to consider as you explore retirement communities on Long Island.

1. Identify important locations

You know what they always say – location, location, location! When shopping for a retirement community, be sure to consider the locations of important places in your life. Whether they’re doctors’ offices, family members’ houses or other places you frequent, choose a retirement community that makes it easy to get to these places. It can make a difference in your everyday life as well as contribute to convenient travel.

2. Establish your preferred timeline

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Living on Long Island: An Insider’s Look at Restaurants in Commack

When you become a resident of Fountaingate Gardens, Commack’s future Life Plan Community,* your options for dining will feel limitless. No matter the occasion, you’ll have a wide choice of restaurants and dining venues both on campus and in Commack.

Campus Dining

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New Site Map: A Crystal-Clear Picture of Life at Fountaingate Gardens

As we come closer to the construction and opening of Fountaingate Gardens, members of the Founders Club are getting to know each other and developing a much clearer picture of what their lives will be like at this Life Plan Community*. Located in Commack, the site of this future community remains a place of possibility for the seniors of Long Island. With new renderings and depictions being regularly released, the lifestyle that will be available at Fountaingate Gardens is quickly becoming crystal clear. Continue reading “New Site Map: A Crystal-Clear Picture of Life at Fountaingate Gardens”

Why the Somans are Leaving a 55+ Community to Move to Fountaingate Gardens

Bonnie and Stu Soman are members of the Fountaingate Gardens Founders Club – meaning they’ve placed a deposit at our soon-to-be-built community to reserve their new home. They chose the Dogwood floor plan, a spacious two-bedroom with den in our Parkview building.  The added benefits that Fountaingate Gardens will provide as a Life Plan Community* were the deciding factors that helped Bonnie and Stu make the decision to make the move from their 55+ community. Continue reading “Why the Somans are Leaving a 55+ Community to Move to Fountaingate Gardens”

The Clock Is Running Out on Exclusive Founders Club Benefits!

Beyond the main benefits of becoming a member of the Fountaingate Gardens Founders Club – reserving your next home and the peace of mind that comes with life at a Life Plan Community* – joining the Club comes with ancillary benefits that will not be available much longer. Continue reading “The Clock Is Running Out on Exclusive Founders Club Benefits!”

Meet Fountaingate Gardens Ambassador: Oscar Rosenes

Why did I choose to be a Fountaingate Gardens Ambassador?

“Because I believed in it.” – Oscar

Life is always changing, and, at some point in our lives, we find ourselves in the position of making decisions about our future. For some, a Life Plan Community* makes the most sense, and on Long Island, Fountaingate Gardens is the newest choice. Future residents are excited about moving into this community, and they’re eager to share “why.” Oscar Rosenes, an early depositor and one of Fountaingate Gardens’ ambassadors, views his deposit as a practical decision.

A History of Reliable Care

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