Fall is a Great Time to Explore Retirement Communities on Long Island

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Although retirement communities can be found all over the country, no location offers quite the same appeal as Long Island. Compared to other popular retirement locations such as Florida, the Carolinas and Arizona, Long Island offers milder temperatures and unbeatable cultural opportunities. Namely, in addition to the plentiful options of things to do right on the Island, New York City is nearby and bustling with activity. Those who have made a habit of going into the City for a show, dinner or to stroll around Central Park will be able to enjoy those same experiences when they decide to stay where they know and join a retirement community on Long Island.

If you do plan to visit some of the retirement communities available to you on Long Island, there is no better time to do so than in the fall. From the mild weather to the natural beauty to the festivities, autumn is a special time to remind you why you may want to consider retiring in New York.

The climate

One of the reasons that autumn is a perfect time to visit retirement communities on Long Island is the weather. Although New York experiences the full swing of the seasons, fall is a sort of sanctuary from the humidity of the spring and summer and the briskness of winter. So, if you’re going to be out and about touring communities, it makes sense to do so during the most comfortable time of the year.

An added bonus to exploring Long Island in the fall is, of course, the incredible seasonal foliage paired with the proximity to the scenic waterfronts. Comparing retirement options on Long Island in the fall will let you see each community in the peak of its natural beauty. Every garden is splashed with a little more color, and every tree line is more vibrant. It is an idyllic way to experience the setting of your future home.

Ideal timing

Another benefit of visiting retirement communities on Long Island during fall is the season’s proximity to a number of family holidays. Since choosing where to make your next home is frequently a family decision, this timing is ideal. If you find a community that you like during your visits, you can share the experience with your family when you see them for the holidays.

Whether they are visiting for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas, your loved ones will have an opportunity to get a glimpse of your potential home. Maybe you’d like their input and feedback, or maybe you just want to share the excitement for the future. Either way, this timing offers the perfect opportunity to find something to share with your family.

Fun and festivities

A large part of choosing to stay on Long Island when selecting a  retirement community is taking advantage of the culture of the broader area. You want to make sure that you love the surrounding community as much as you love the campus. The best way to get a sense of the broader area is to experience its festivities and events, opportunities that the retirement communities on Long Island should have connections to in abundance.

For example, fall festivals are everywhere you look, from apple and pumpkin harvests out on the east end to an array of street fairs and family festivals throughout Nassau County. You can experience live music, art walks, apple picking and spooky Halloween events. There are also corn mazes, pumpkin patches and, of course, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan. Events like these aren’t just a fun way to spend a fall afternoon; they offer glimpses into the culture and atmosphere of the neighborhood and also the broader community. The more you experience the culture, the better you will be able to evaluate the fit of each community and how it suits your lifestyle.

With so many retirement communities on Long Island to visit, one stands out from the rest: Gurwin’s soon-to-be-built community, Fountaingate Gardens. Its comfortable, customizable residences, beautiful garden and full continuum of care will set it apart, and visiting in the fall will surely be a treat.  Envision your life on Fountaingate Gardens’ beautiful Commack campus in the fall: you’ll be able to relax by the winding brook and enjoy the foliage as it changes throughout the season, then take advantage of all the community events and activities, including wellness, fitness and the indoor salt water pool, throughout the year. Fall is a beautiful time to visit a beautiful place; schedule an appointment with our Fountaingate Gardens sales team today, or call 631-715-2693.

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      I’m available to speak on Monday afternoon @2pm.
      Please let me know if that works for you.
      My number is 6317158381.
      Lynn Iseppon
      Senior Lifestyle Consultant
      Fountaingate Gardens

    1. Bruce, thanks for asking about this! Fountaingate Gardens is a Life Plan Community (also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC) that will provide independent living with access to assisted living and higher levels of care, if the need arises. To learn more about what a Life Plan Community offers, we recommend speaking with a Senior Lifestyle Consultant at 631-715-2693.

  1. Browsing different retirement homes can be a lengthy process, so make sure to make the most of it by going during the right time of the year for you! Thank you for the article!

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