Fountaingate Gardens Charter Club + SeniorNet = Engaging Technology Class

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SeniorNet Kickoff

In the ever-changing digital world, there is always something new to learn, and new to experience.

At Fountaingate Gardens, we believe that continuing one’s education throughout life is an important and energizing journey, which is why we’ve partnered with SeniorNet-an international, non-profit organization that offers older adults computer education and access to technology-to host a class for our Charter Club members. The Charter Club is an exclusive group of Fountaingate Garden depositors with priority access to events, programs and news who are first in line for selecting their new apartment home.

SeniorNet, founded in 1986, is known for their quality curriculum and innovative teaching methods. The classes are for those 50 years of age and older, and are mostly taught by seniors, although sometimes, high school and college-aged students teach classes as well. There are SeniorNet learning centers all over the country, but Fountaingate Gardens teamed up with the local Huntington Learning Center in Long Island to organize this special 8-week course for early depositors at the Fountaingate Gardens Information Center.

Rosemary Oetiker, a Fountaingate Gardens Charter Club member and volunteer with the SeniorNet , helped facilitate the event, while also serving in her volunteer role as a coach in the classroom. As a coach, Rosemary assists the teacher and the participants in the class.

“If someone is behind or needs help, I am there to walk them through it at their pace, so everyone gets the same experience and learns the same skills,” explains Rosemary.

Courses at SeniorNet range from introductory classes for beginners to more advanced classes for experienced computer users. The atmosphere is stress-free with the opportunity for each person to learn at their own pace with the help of knowledgeable teachers and coaches. At the Fountaingate Gardens event, the class topics ranged from how to access and surf the internet, how to create documents and send email, and how to navigate websites to buy, bank or research, to name a few. These topics were a great range for the class, whose members had different levels of prior experience.

Rosemary is glad that she has been able to share her experience volunteering at SeniorNet with her future home, Fountaingate Gardens.

“SeniorNet is an important program,” Rosemary says. “If someone were on the fence about attending one of our classes, I would tell them not to worry because it is a friendly, relaxed environment where they will make new friends and quickly gain confidence in their abilities.”

Not only was SeniorNet a wonderful learning opportunity and social event for the Fountaingate Gardens depositors who attended, but it also provided an opportunity to meet their future neighbors. SeniorNet and Fountaingate Gardens are working on ongoing programs right now; call today for more information or to sign up!

To learn more about the Charter Club and associated events, call the Fountaingate Gardens team today at 631-715-2693.

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