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One of the perks of retiring is having more free time, and it can be fun deciding what to do with it! You can prioritize what’s important to you – volunteering, spending time with family, or maybe travelling the world! For Susan Lustig, a member of Fountaingate Gardens’ Founders Club (which means she’s already chosen her future home and placed a reservation deposit), travel is important. Recently, she took a 20-day tour of Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

“I’ve been to Israel several times; I’ll always go back,” she said. “The last time I was there was in 2006. Every time you go, the country is new. Sites I’ve seen before are new and different. But in particular, I wanted to see Petra. It’s an extraordinary sight – partially man-made, but also almost like a natural park with rock formations created by wind and water.”

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The trip also took a cruise through Egypt, taking Susan past the Valley of the Kings, the Karnak Temple, the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx.

And although she enjoyed her trip, Susan agrees that preparing for a trip of this length takes a fair amount of work.

“In winter, it’s hard because I have to turn off water, turn down the heat, stop the mail and paper, and lock the whole place up,” she said.

One benefit Susan is looking forward to when she moves to Fountaingate Gardens is how living there will make her travel even easier.

“Walking away from a house and leaving it, you hope that it’ll be there when you get back,” she said. “Leaving a place that’s maintained would be easier – and you don’t have to drain the water!”

Susan is a big advocate for the lifestyle that Fountaingate Gardens will bring.

“Many of us have been in our homes for many years. I have friends who say they aren’t leaving the house,” Susan said. “I’ve been through that a bit with family. It’s not easy to do that. Your world becomes smaller, less social, and I have seen over time how important socialization is to your physical and mental health. You can have the best care in the world, but if you aren’t getting out, you’re not getting the stimulation you need for your overall health.

“I can only tell you that the people I know who are interested in Fountaingate Gardens are definitely people that I look forward to spending more time with,” Susan added. “People who I feel I would be comfortable in that kind of setting – bridge, travel, going to the city- I feel that there will be kindred spirits that will make my life very comfortable there. I think there will be a lot of nice people to spend time with. Let’s get it built!”

In addition to ample opportunities for socialization, some of which have already begun, Fountaingate Gardens is located in a great, central location – Commack.

When Susan moves to Fountaingate Gardens, she’ll be closer to doctors, bridge games, synagogue, her classes at the university, friends and the JCC. She’ll also be 20 minutes closer to her daughter, a big bonus.

“Geography was a big selling point,” Susan said. “Plus, if I ever need more than independent care, it’s right there. I love my daughter, I love her family, but staying in a protected community will be better for me socially and in a lot of other ways than moving in with family and having them see to my needs.”

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