Meet Fountaingate Gardens Depositor Warren Sanderson, Ph.D.


If anyone understands the change in how we’ve come to view aging, it’s Warren Sanderson, Ph.D. Dr. Sanderson, often contacted by media outlets like TODAY, Slate and The New York Times, is an expert in population forecasting, life expectancy and aging, and he’s an acclaimed professor of economics in the College of Arts and Sciences at Stony Brook University. Besides affording him professional recognition, Dr. Sanderson’s expertise has played a key role in planning his post-career lifestyle: the choice to make a deposit at Fountaingate Gardens.

As a future resident of Fountaingate Gardens, Dr. Sanderson sees a correlation between successful aging and living in a Life Plan Community.* “An important thing about successful aging is keeping active and maintaining social interactions,” Dr. Sanderson shared. “Fountaingate Gardens is excellent in both of these dimensions.” He points to the robust schedule of activities and the variety of clubs and spaces where people will interact. Dr. Sanderson also appreciates the amenities that will keep people physically active, such as the indoor pool, fitness and wellness classes, and personal trainers.

Another essential element of successful aging, according to Dr. Sanderson, is proper nutrition. “As people age, their sense of taste often changes, so they need more flavorful food,” he said. “Having a bistro or restaurant [like Fountaingate Gardens will] keeps people interested in a variety of cuisine.”

Aging in the right place

According to Dr. Sanderson, studies have shown that while “aging in place” is what some adults aim for, an ideal post-career life is more about aging in the right place. For some people, staying in their current home may be a good choice; however, as time passes, social circles diminish, and people aging in place may not get enough social interaction or mental stimulation to foster healthy aging of the mind and body.

A Life Plan Community like Fountaingate Gardens is one option for aging in the right place. “What’s nice about Fountaingate Gardens is that it allows for a more successful path for aging,” said Dr. Sanderson. “It doesn’t mean that you’ll live 20 years longer, but the years you have are healthier.”

A perfect fit

Several years ago, Dr. Sanderson and Carol, his wife read an article about Gurwin’s plans to expand its services and build a Life Plan Community in Commack, NY. Recognizing Gurwin’s reputation, the couple arranged a meeting with Fountaingate Gardens’ representatives and they were instantly sold on the concept of living at Fountaingate Gardens. From there, the Sandersons made their deposit and locked in the benefits that come with it: choosing their favorite residence, invitations to depositor-only events and exclusive access to updates on the progress of the community.

Dr. Sanderson looks forward to Fountaingate Gardens’ breadth of activities and Carol, an artist, will take advantage of the art room as well as the indoor saltwater pool for lap swimming. “The lifestyle in terms of intellectual, physical, creative outlets is all a part of it,” said Dr. Sanderson. “We both like the level of continued activity made easy and the active lifestyle that will be possible at Fountaingate Gardens.”

In the fall of 2019, Dr. Sanderson and Harvard University Press will release a new book that he authored about successful aging. To celebrate, Fountaingate Gardens will host a book party for depositors at the community. The book release will be a great opportunity to meet future neighbors and to speak with Dr. Sanderson about why choosing a Life Plan Community is such a sure bet for your ideal future.

To get in touch and sign up for updates about Fountaingate Gardens, including information about the book release, simply click here or call us at 631-715-2693!

*Also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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