Meet Fountaingate Gardens Founders Club Member, Ina Rubin!


“Everything I have here, I’ll have there – and more!” – Ina

If you meet Ina and ask her about Fountaingate Gardens, it’s likely that the first thing she’ll say is, “I want to get there yesterday!”

An enthusiastic supporter of Life Plan Communities in general—and Fountaingate Gardens in particular—Ina couldn’t wait to make a deposit, choose her future home and become a member of the Founders Club.

Ina was first introduced to the Life Plan Community concept through friends. Each winter, Ina and some of her high school friends meet in Florida. Over the years, a few of her friends have moved into independent living communities, and, to quote Ina, “They feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven.”

The Right Size

“I want to make my life easier,” said Ina. “I live in a large house right now, and I don’t want to take care of it.”

Her new home will be just the right size. With two bedrooms, a den, living room and a spacious kitchen, Ina knows she’ll have all the space she needs. She already has plans to turn the second bedroom into an office and guest room, and the den into an extravagant closet. Perhaps most importantly, though, is her beautiful new kitchen with granite countertops.

“My grandchildren are excited,” she said. “But before they gave their blessing, they had to see the kitchen, to make sure there was enough room for me to make them chicken soup!”

Ina’s kids are also “thrilled,” she said. They like that there is on-site healthcare in case Ina ever needs it. “They feel it’s a safety net – they don’t have to worry about me.”

Building Community

Although the physical building isn’t here yet, Ina is already enjoying the sense of community that comes with being a Founders Club member. She’s met most of the other depositors, and appreciates the welcoming environment she’s experienced when they meet. Ina’s looking forward to participating in a variety of groups and activities at Fountaingate Gardens – including a bridge group, a game group, a book club and a current events group. In fact, she’s already started a Mahjongg group – which meets once a week in the Information Center, where the Fountaingate Gardens team welcomes them and serves coffee and cookies.

“One thing I really like is that I’m going to have a beautiful apartment, and if I want to be by myself, I have a lovely place to go. But, if I want to be with other people, I have all the opportunity in the world,” Ina explained.

Regardless of how Ina chooses to enjoy her time at her new home, she’s ready to get there – she has already packed, sorted and cleaned out the basement and garage at her current home.

If you think a move to Fountaingate Gardens could be a good fit for you, call our team at (631) 715-2693, or click here to request an informational kit!

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