New Site Map: A Crystal-Clear Picture of Life at Fountaingate Gardens

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As we come closer to the construction and opening of Fountaingate Gardens, members of the Founders Club are getting to know each other and developing a much clearer picture of what their lives will be like at this Life Plan Community*. Located in Commack, the site of this future community remains a place of possibility for the seniors of Long Island. With new renderings and depictions being regularly released, the lifestyle that will be available at Fountaingate Gardens is quickly becoming crystal clear.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released an updated, more detailed site map of the future community that includes the most up-to-date features and amenities. With several significant changes, we think you’ll be just as excited as we are!

New Covered Walkway and Paved Paths

One thing you’ll notice about this new site map is the addition of a covered walkway and outdoor pathways. We’ve added a covered walkway that runs from the first building of the Terraces to the Clubhouse, the central hub of campus, in addition to the covered walkway that connects the Parkview to the Clubhouse. The covered walkway will make it even easier for residents to walk from their apartment homes in the Terraces to the excellent amenities located in the Clubhouse, including the fitness center, heated pool, dining venues, movie theater, library, arts studio and so much more. Rain or shine, the Clubhouse will be a simple stroll away.

You’ll also notice the addition of paved walking trails that run among the tennis courts, community gardens and buildings. Whether you want to take a relaxing walk just to enjoy the beautiful scenery or have a specific destination in mind, these walking trails make it easy and pleasant.

The addition of more paved paths will add to the park-like feeling of the campus. As you walk through the campus, you’ll see the expertly landscaped gardens and grounds, as well as the winding brook, the central water feature of the community landscape.

Changes to the Pond

Perhaps one of the most significant updates to this site map is to the pond. Rather than the original square shape, this updated map shows the winding brook that follows the walking path in front of each building on campus. This updated water feature will include additional fountains and be easily seen from any of the five buildings. And, because the brook nestles the community’s walking path and buildings, you can take in the serene views throughout the majority of your walks around campus.

About Life in a Retirement Community

Whether you enjoy exercising, lifelong learning, volunteering, or pursuing the arts or any other hobbies, Fountaingate Gardens will provide an opportunity to live your retirement how you envision it. Campus amenities are included in the monthly service package, so you can take advantage of them however and whenever you choose.

You’ll also have a selection of newly constructed apartment homes to customize and create the perfect, peaceful place to return to at the end of an active day. With floor plans ranging from one-bedroom to two-bedroom with a den, you’ll be sure to find a plan that matches your unique wants and needs.

For more information about what life will be like at Fountaingate Gardens, give us a call today at 631-715-2693, or visit us online here to schedule a personal appointment. Take the first step into your picturesque retirement lifestyle today!


*also known as Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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  1. Hi Ellen,
    Fountaingate Gardens is a pet-friendly community! Call us at 631.715.2693 if you have any other questions!

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