One Benefit of Becoming a Depositor? Meeting Your Future Neighbors!

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There are many practical benefits to becoming a Fountaingate Gardens depositor. As a member of the Founders Club – from locking in the lowest prices to reserving your ideal home before it’s gone. But one of the more intangible benefits is the opportunity to meet and bond with your future neighbors before you even move to the community! Recently, we organized a Founders Club night at the theater, inviting interested members to meet at the Fountaingate Gardens Information Center and chauffeuring them into Northport for Engeman Theater’s production of Mamma Mia. More than two dozen depositors got to know each other while enjoying the hit musical.

Outings like this allow our future residents to start building their relationships even before the community is built. Depositors have already begun meeting regularly for mahjong and meals, assuring there will be a strong social network in place when our Founders Club members begin to move in.

After this event, one Founders Club member, said, “These events have introduced me to my future neighbors and new friends. I’ve just made dinner plans with three other depositors. We’re getting together later this week, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Martin, another Founders Club member at Fountaingate Gardens, makes sure to attend as many of the depositor events as he can. “It’s fun to attend the events at Fountaingate Gardens. The meetings are friendly, enjoyable and informative,” he said.

The Founders Club: Fostering overall wellness

This type of social networking is an integral part of why people choose to make Life Plan Communities* their home. Social wellness is an important facet of overall wellness, but too easily it gets overlooked. Susan Pinker, a developmental psychologist, studied “Blue Zones,” or areas where the population lives longer than average. One key finding suggests that in-person social interactions are not only necessary for happiness, but also may help contribute to a longer life. She noted, among other things, that deep relationships—such as with a partner, sibling or long-time friend—are important, but just as important are small, daily social interactions—such as with a mail carrier, barista, neighbor or dog walker…the type of interactions that are easily found at communities like Fountaingate Gardens. Simply walk to get your mail at the clubhouse or to grab a coffee in the bistro, and you’re bound to run into someone you know. Plus, the on-site clubs, events and activities will create a robust social calendar that won’t need to change due to extreme heat or winter storms.

For more information on how you can become a member of the Fountaingate Gardens Founders Club and start building your community, give our friendly team a call at (631) 715-2693 or click here to contact us!

*also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs

4 Responses

  1. Although I missed this outing, I’ve been to many of the other Founders Club events. I like getting to know my future neighbors and look forward to spending time with these new friends at the many activities that will be offered at Fountaingate Gardens.

  2. Approximately how much will it cost to pay for a mid level condo and the 80 percent option entrance fee? I ask because I am paying via bank account funds.

    1. Richard, Thanks for the comment! To receive pricing information, simply call 631-715-2693 and one of our Senior Lifestyle Consultants will give you all the details. We will also reach out to you by email.

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