Presenting the Lobby at Fountaingate Gardens: The Hub of Our Vibrant Community

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Just as our upscale residences will surround you in comfort, our welcoming main lobby will have a bright, airy feel that extends the feeling of home. Our lobby will be much more than just a place to gather and greet friends, as you will see in our new rendering. It will be the hub of some of the community’s best conveniences.

Concierge: Providing expert assistance

One of the first things you’ll notice when entering the lobby is the concierge desk. Our concierge will not only be a master of what’s happening as part of our community’s active lifestyle, but they will also be an expert resource for assistance and guidance on anything in the Commack area. Whether you want to find out the time and place of your new favorite on-campus fitness class, have a secure place to receive packages, or reserve transportation into town or beyond, the concierge will be there, ready to assist.

Security and convenience

An important additional benefit of the lobby’s concierge desk is the security it brings to the community. While all of our sleek residences (and community buildings) will include modern security features, our concierge desk will be staffed nonstop, to monitor visitors and to ensure that those who are at our community are supposed to be here.

Serving as the community’s mailroom, the lobby will also be the place to go to receive and send mail. If you have special mailing needs or receive a package too large for your mailbox, you will be able to get all the help you need from the front desk.

Get together, get out

The lobby boasts a spacious lounge area, including a fireplace and seating for groups of any size. Contemporary finishes and comfortable lighting make this a place where you will sit and relax with friends, family or both!

You’ll also be able to access our community’s transportation resources from the lobby. Aside from being where you can meet guests to venture out with them, the transportation resources at Fountaingate Gardens depart from and return to the lobby entrance. We’ll have regular trips to essential spots like grocery stores, malls and doctors’ offices, while also offering special connections to NYC transit, regional buses, airports and more.

Just by considering what will be available to you in our lobby alone, you will start to get a sense of the tremendous value that comes with living at Fountaingate Gardens, a Life Plan Community* on Long Island.

We encourage you to explore more about what is taking shape at our community, and invite you for a personalized visit to get all the details about what life here will entail. To schedule your visit, simply click here or call 631-715-2693!

*Also referred to as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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