To the Point: Is Fountaingate Gardens a Good Financial Decision?


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At our most recent “Ask the Experts” event, we featured a panel of future residents: Bonnie, Ina, Joyce and Al. Our discussion covered a range of topics, including why these depositors chose to make the proactive decision to make their future at a Life Plan Community* like Fountaingate Gardens. This group of Founders Club members, alongside our expert staff, also had particularly insightful comments about involving family members in the decision, making the transition to senior living and factoring in the financial aspects.

Many guests at the “Ask the Experts” event had questions about the financial considerations of making a deposit and moving into Fountaingate Gardens. Our panelists’ insight helped clarify how living at a Life Plan Community actually presents a great value, a stable future and an enhanced lifestyle.

Staying in your current house isn’t necessarily free – and that’s something Ina mentioned when she suggested that those considering a Life Plan Community make a list of all their current monthly expenses to compare it to the monthly service fee at the community. “My accountant told me that it will be cheaper to live here than it would be to stay in my house,” Ina said. Aside from that, and relative to the community’s entrance fee, the sooner you move in, the better value it is.

As with any major life decision, seeking professional help is a good move. Regarding their choice to make a deposit for a home at Fountaingate Gardens, Bonnie, Joyce and Al consulted trusted professionals.

“I met with a certified financial planner  with whom I had no previous business, so his opinion was impartial,” Bonnie explained. “Taking into account our plans at Fountaingate Gardens, he advised us to move forward and he mapped a plan for the rest of our lives which still preserves assets to leave to our children.”

“We met with a lawyer before we signed the contract, and he assured us that this would be a good choice,” Joyce said. “It turns out that his parents moved to a community similar to Fountaingate Gardens, and it made a world of difference for them, too.”

And the best part about making a deposit now, before the prices go up? It’s fully refundable.

“We decided to make the deposit because it’s fully refundable in escrow, and we still have our future home reserved just for us,” Joyce said. “We didn’t risk anything by depositing, it just motivated us to clean out our basement!”

If you’d like to learn more about making Fountaingate Gardens your home, we encourage you, like our Founders Club members did, to get in touch proactively. Simply call us at 631-715-2693, or click here to schedule your personalized tour!

*Also referred to as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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