To the Point: Why Deposit Now?

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In this series, we respond to questions posed to us by members of our community. If you’d like us to answer your question, email it to

At our most recent “Ask the Experts” event, we featured a panel of future residents: Bonnie, Ina, Joyce and Al. Our discussion covered a range of topics, including why these depositors chose to make the proactive decision to make their future at a Life Plan Community* like Fountaingate Gardens. This group of Founder’s Club members, alongside our expert staff, also had particularly insightful comments about involving your family in your decision and factoring in the financial aspects.

Why deposit at Fountaingate Gardens now?

The most basic question that our panel covered was why each depositor made the proactive choice to secure a future home at Fountaingate Gardens. Each panelist shared his or her unique story and explained why the decision was made now – instead of later – to plan for the future.

Bonnie shared that she wanted to get in “on the ground floor” at Fountaingate Gardens because “I want the next phase of my life to be active, to be social, to be relaxed,” she said. She also liked the idea of a social community with a vibrant lifestyle, where she can “find neighbors at the clubhouse and have someone to socialize with anytime.” Bonnie also said that from her experience at her current residence at a 55+ community, she knows that many fellow residents spend a lot of time alone, and she wants to be somewhere where she has the ability to be as social as she desires.

While the active social environment at Fountaingate Gardens was certainly one of the reasons Ina chose to make a deposit, the driving force behind her decision was something she’d rather not do in her new home: housekeeping.

“I’m anxious to get out of my house!” Ina exclaimed with a touch of humor. “I’m alone, it’s too big, and I resent taking care of it.” Then, Ina drew an interesting parallel to her youth, sharing that she grew up in an apartment, and now she’s ready to get back to a smaller, more fitting space again, where all the maintenance is included. “I want the rest of my life to be fun and easy – everything I love will be right here.”

Joyce and Al, who currently live in a house not far from the future site of Fountaingate Gardens, said they also will enjoy how the community will remove from their life the burdens of housekeeping, yard work and repairs. More importantly, though, Joyce noted that while she and Al are comfortable in their house, for now, they know that their house won’t always be the best place for them.

“We manage well right now, but we know that in a couple of years, that could change, so we have to plan for that,” Joyce shared. “We found that Fountaingate Gardens will offer a secure future for us, and we’ll be able to do things we wouldn’t be able to do if we stayed where we are.”

If you’d like to learn more about making Fountaingate Gardens your home, we encourage you, like our Founder’s Club members did, to get in touch proactively. Simply call us at 631-715-2693, or click here to schedule your personalized tour!

*also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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