To the Point: A family decision, a smooth transition


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At our most recent “Ask the Experts” event, we featured a panel of future Fountaingate Gardens residents: Bonnie, Ina, Joyce and Al. Our discussion covered a range of topics, including why these depositors chose to make the proactive decision to make their future at a Life Plan Community* like Fountaingate Gardens. This group of future Fountaingate Gardens residents, alongside our expert staff, also had particularly insightful comments about involving your family in the decision, making the transition to senior living and factoring in the financial aspects.

Bonnie took what some would call a drastic approach, saying that she and her husband decided to make a deposit at Fountaingate Gardens without involving their family – at first. “We made our deposit and told our kids, ‘Guess what we just did!’” Bonnie exclaimed. Once they discussed their decision with their children, everyone was glad to know that there will be no burden of care, and the kids are already helping to plan their parents’ transition. “We’ve already figured out where our furniture will go in our new home, and our kids have already decided who is taking what from the items we will no longer need.”

For Joyce and Al, they involved their daughter when they met with Laurie Stambler, one of Fountaingate Gardens’ lifestyle consultants. “Our daughter came to our appointment to sign our contract, and she even helped us pick out the location of our new home!” Joyce said.

“My mother moved to a Life Plan Community,” Ina said, sharing her personal connection to communities similar to Fountaingate Gardens. “She loved being there, but she had to make the decision suddenly, and I want to do it differently. I’m planning now – I’m ready.”

When you have your deposit appointment, as Joyce mentioned, you get to choose your exact residence at Fountaingate Gardens based on the great choices that are still available. Having selected your new home may bring both excitement and stress, however, because moving can seem daunting. Fortunately, at your deposit appointment, you’ll have access to all of Fountaingate Gardens’ comprehensive slate of packers, planners, movers, organizers, appraisers, realtors and more to help make your transition seamless.

If you’d like to learn more about making Fountaingate Gardens your home, we encourage you, like our future Fountaingate Gardens residents did, to get in touch proactively. Simply call us at 631-715-2693, or click here to schedule your personalized tour!

*also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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