Why did Rebecca choose Fountaingate Gardens? For her kids.


Some consider Life Plan Communities* as a way to free their time and create more opportunity to travel. Others consider them mainly because of the research showing that residents of Life Plan Communities live healthier, longer lives. For Rebecca, her family is the reason she decided to make Fountaingate Gardens part of her future.

Planning for the future – on her terms

“My mother, unfortunately, spent a year in a nursing home – she had senility and needed care,” Rebecca said. “I am always afraid that that would be my future and I don’t want to put that on my kids. Even though I have four of them, I don’t want them to feel that burden.”

Although she’s a Maryland native, living on Long Island for 40+ years has truly made it her home. It’s also where her children and grandchildren live, so she knew it was where she wanted to stay. As Rebecca began researching communities for older adults, she realized that her options were limited on Long Island, and even more so when looking for someplace that offered the higher levels of care she wanted to secure.

“They are few and far between, especially on Long Island. I’ve even gone to New Jersey to look at a place,” she said. “But most places are rentals or condos to buy and I was looking more for the full continuum of care.”

Knowing that Gurwin could provide her health care services in the future – should she ever need them – Rebecca quickly moved Fountaingate Gardens to the top of her list. Now that she’s made a deposit, Rebecca has the practical side of things handled and is planning for the more fun aspects of life at Fountaingate Gardens.

More time for hobbies

A retired teacher, Rebecca plans to continue tutoring children who are unable to attend a traditional school day after she’s settled in at Fountaingate Gardens. Currently, however, much of her time, is spent on her three-bedroom home.

“It will be nice to be rid of the responsibility and upkeep of the house,” she said. “It’s constant!”

With her time freed from home maintenance, Rebecca is looking forward to spending time on one of her favorite hobbies again.

“I would love to be able to garden again,” she said. 

Rebecca grows plants for both beauty and food – and in her new Maple home, she’ll have space on her outdoor terrace to keep some potted plants, hanging baskets or window boxes. She’ll also be able to take advantage of the community gardens, where Fountaingate Gardens’ landscaping team will perform some of the maintenance.

“I think this lifestyle is a good idea,” Rebecca said. “It’s a different stage of life. I’m excited about the apartment living, not having to cook as much, being around lots of different people and being able to do things.”

For Rebecca, making Fountaingate Gardens home meant that her children wouldn’t be burdened by securing care if the need arose. She proactively decided about her future health care, giving her family the security of knowing that they will never need to worry about taking on the role of primary caregivers should the need arise.  

To learn more about Fountaingate Gardens and how it can be a proactive choice for your future, contact us today by clicking here or calling our team at 631-715-2693.

*Also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC

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