What Are Your Options for Senior Housing on Long Island?


Congratulations! Retirement is here, and you are considering how you’d like to best enjoy this chapter in your life, a time you’ve earned and have been planning for decades. Fortunately, if you’re a Long Islander, there is a multitude of options for senior housing right in your backyard. If your retirement plans include staying close to home and discovering what the best of the area has to offer – shops, the city, dining, arts and more – you’re in luck.

Where the challenge arises, then, is making sense of all of the different types of senior housing on Long Island. From 55+ communities to communities that are more oriented toward health care to simply staying put, there are many options for active older adults like you. Let’s make sense of it all, and introduce an exciting new option, too!

A (seemingly) obvious choice: A 55+ community

Aside from the fact that you may be an empty nester ready to downsize to a home with less upkeep, at this point in your life you want to live somewhere you can stay as active as ever while being surrounded by like-minded neighbors. A 55+ or age-restricted community may be one of the first options that comes to mind – and that’s great. 55+ communities are popular as they unite individuals and couples similar in age while perhaps offering some social activities and shared amenities.

However, the obvious choice of a 55+ community might not necessarily be the right choice for you in the long term. One of the reasons for this, among others, is that 55+ or age-restricted communities typically do not offer any on-site health care. Should the need arise, this could mean that you will have to move again – years after settling into your long-awaited retirement – to somewhere that offers the on-site health care options you require.

An assessment of assisted living

Assisted living communities do a great job of providing residents just the right amount of daily help, allowing for maximized independence while easing the burden of care on adult children. But you know you’re not there yet. You’re active, independent and plan to stay that way – you may never even need assisted living at all.

If you are a lifelong runner, biker, yogi, sailor, hiker – the list goes on – you want to retire somewhere that lets you maintain and sustain that energy. Therefore, if you don’t foresee the need for daily assistance (or its cost), moving immediately into assisted living is probably not the right choice, either.

Staying in your house sounds easy, but is it really?

You love your house. You’ve made memories there and you’ve worked hard to make it a special place for you and your family. But you’ve also worked just as hard to maintain it and cover all of the routine – and plenty of unexpected – expenses associated with living there.

Beyond that, you like your house, but it may be way too large for your actual present needs, and the constant cleaning and yardwork are becoming a grind – or have been for years.

Even if you contract some help with landscaping and housecleaning, the investment of money and time toward living in your house may not sit well during retirement, especially when looking at the monthly bills or glancing at the clock after another round of chores.

With all of this in mind, one thing remains clear: You want to enjoy your retirement. It’s an exciting time that you’re due to spend as you choose. Looking further, if you’re a planner, having the peace of mind of a secure future would seal the deal. So, what options remain for senior housing on Long Island that fit these criteria?

Look toward a Life Plan Community

This is where a community like Fountaingate Gardens comes into play. A Life Plan Community, also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), offers all the advantages of a 55+ community with added amenities and activities. In the case of Fountaingate Gardens, Long Island’s newest proposed Life Plan Community, it also includes the promise of Gurwin care in the future, should it be necessary. On top of this, residents of Fountaingate Gardens will enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle, free from all home upkeep and the associated costs.

When it comes to residences, you also have the chance to create your ideal, customized home with contemporary finishes and intelligently designed layouts. And when you compare the value of living at Fountaingate Gardens with the costs of staying at your house, plus factor in the flexible entrance fee options, the choice becomes easy.

Eager to know more? Check out the site map, get to know a depositor or request an info kit today! You can also get in touch by calling 631-715-2693 or simply clicking here. We look forward to introducing you to all of the possibilities that Fountaingate Gardens can offer to those seeking senior housing on Long Island.

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  1. You mention many wonderful things, but I don’t see anything showing what the cost is.
    I am on a fixed income. Please send me that options you offer,
    Thank you

    1. Bob,
      Thanks for the comment! We hope Fountaingate Gardens will welcome you and many of your friends. To receive pricing information, you can simply call 631-715-2693 and one of our Senior Lifestyle Consultants will give you all the details. We will also reach out to you by email.

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