Why Residents of 55+ Communities in Suffolk County, NY Are Moving to Fountaingate Gardens


It’s easy to see why so many New Yorkers (and Long Islanders) choose to make a move to any of the 55+ communities in Suffolk County, NY. It’s a convenient, active part of Long Island that keeps you close to both Manhattan and The Hamptons. Furthermore, this type of community typically brings together like-minded older adults and sometimes offers conveniences and amenities to make life easier. So, why are so many current residents of the 55+ communities in Suffolk County leaving them for a different living option? In short, they’re realizing that 55+ communities are lacking key elements that sustain both short- and long-term quality of life.

Seeking more socially

While the 55+ communities in Suffolk County typically bring together people of the same generation who share similar interests, many lack consistent efforts to make the community just that: a community. This is something that Bonnie and Stu Soman noticed after settling in a 55+ community a few years ago. When they made the move, they hoped to enjoy less home maintenance and find – in their own words – “more of a social life within the community.” “At the beginning, that was true,” Bonnie shared. “But over the years, it has become less satisfying. There isn’t enough social activity.” Understanding the importance of social interaction as we age, Bonnie and Stu decided to change plans and join the Founders Club at Fountaingate Gardens: a Life Plan Community* in Commack that will satisfy both their short- and long-term social needs. However, the enhanced social life is just one of the reasons that people like Bonnie and Stu are leaving 55+ communities in Suffolk County and heading for Fountaingate Gardens. Other folks who are experiencing buyer’s remorse after moving to a 55+ community are feeling uneasy for an entirely different reason: the lack of a secure future.

A plan – and a promise – for life

A Life Plan Community and a 55+ community are very different, especially when it comes to the promises they can make for your future. While a 55+ community may offer a basic medical clinic, if you or your partner should need a higher level of care, you may have to move again. And, if one of you should experience a medical challenge requiring temporary relocation, you may have to live separately for a time and endure the associated stress and costs. On the other hand, Life Plan Communities like Fountaingate Gardens eliminate all of these worries. For one Founders Club member, the long-term promise of this soon-to-be-built community sealed the deal. In choosing to make his 10% deposit at Fountaingate Gardens, Oscar Rosenes was excited about guaranteed access to top-level on-site medical care from Gurwin, should the need ever arise. Not only that, but depending on the type of contract you select, any need for health services will have a minimal impact on your monthly fee. It all comes together so that while living at Fountaingate Gardens, if you should develop a need for a higher level of care (rehabilitation, assisted living or skilled nursing), it’s all available at the same place from a well-respected provider, all with the peace of mind of predictable costs. With your future secure and your mind at ease, you’ll be able to enjoy Fountaingate Gardens’ wellness-focused lifestyle, something also not found at the 55+ communities in Suffolk County. A recent study found that living at a Life Plan Community improves overall quality of life, because these special kinds of communities address each of the seven dimensions of wellness every single day. This means that you can spend every maintenance-free day at Fountaingate Gardens doing things you want to do: rekindling a hobby, continuing your career, volunteering at your favorite local organization, learning or honing a skill, starting a club with new friends – the options are endless. If you’re planning to make your next step your best step and are considering the 55+ communities in Suffolk County, let us provide more details about Fountaingate Gardens and why a Life Plan Community is the key to your best today and tomorrow. Simply contact us online or call 631-715-2693 today! *Also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC

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