A “No-Brainer.” Morton Epler Shares Why He Became a Depositor


Fountaingate Gardens, Long Island’s newest Independent Living Community, has been turning a lot of heads with its thoughtfully designed residences and stellar amenities. As construction of this active Long Island retirement community draws near, more and more people are making deposits to reserve an apartment home and secure their future. One such person is Morton Epler, a college professor and avid tennis player.

In Morton’s words, “To me, it was all a no-brainer.”

Sharp. Energetic. And ready to live the best years of his life.

Morton Epler is as sharp as he is candid. In addition to coaching tennis and junior high school basketball, he began teaching at Nassau Community College 40 years ago, and he still loves it to this day.

 “I like that Fountaingate Gardens is near the main highways, because I expect to still be teaching at Nassau Community College when I move in,” Morton said. “I have a great job and I love it there.”

Morton hasn’t only kept his stride professionally, though. He also keeps his mind and body engaged through several activities including his favorite sport, tennis.

“I started playing tennis at 14. At the time, I just liked it,” he said. “But, as I got older, I realized what I like about it. To me, it’s like a chess game. You may not be ‘better’ than the other guy, but if you can outthink him and hit the balls that you want to hit, you can beat him.”

Excited about enjoying a simpler life

“From my point of view,” Morton explained, “Fountaingate Gardens will make my life very, very simple. One, I have a nice house, but I don’t need all these rooms. Two, I have to take care of the house, and I have to take care of the outside. When I move to Fountaingate Gardens, all that changes. I was raking leaves yesterday in my front yard, and it took about an hour. I said to myself, ‘Y’know, when I move in to Fountaingate Gardens, that hour can be devoted to anything I want to do, and I don’t have to do this.’”

An added bonus of living at Fountaingate Gardens, according to Morton, is the dining. “I don’t like to cook,” he admitted with a laugh, “I’m very capable of doing it, but I don’t like doing it.” At Fountaingate Gardens, Morton can enjoy multiple delicious and easily accessible dining options. From the grab-and-go marketplace, to the casual bistro, to the more formal dining area, there will be a high-quality dining venue for any mood or schedule.

Morton also loves to travel. Each winter, he spends about five months in Florida. Luckily for Morton (and for any residents who decide to travel), Fountaingate Gardens will offer multiple services that make leaving easy. The maintenance-free lifestyle will ensure your home is cared for in your absence, and, of course, the top-notch security at Fountaingate Gardens will let you rest easy knowing your home is also protected.

“For me to pack up and go, it gets easier [once I move to Fountaingate Gardens],” he explained, “I just have to pack up and literally go. I don’t have to make any calls. I don’t have to turn this off or that off. I just have to turn the key.”

How could you lose?

One of the first things about Fountaingate Gardens that got Morton’s attention was the fact that Gurwin sponsors it.

 “I knew about the Gurwin name in terms of their nursing home and assisted living, and I knew it was top of the line,” he said. “And I said, ‘If they’re going to do this for independent living, it’s all going to be top of the line.’”

Moreover, he understood that depositing would secure his future without having to fear that he was overcommitting. “All the money is refundable anyway,” he explained. “Put your deposit down and get your choice of what apartment you want. You can always change your mind. How could you lose?”

Morton also wanted to transition now while everything is easy. “If I wait ‘till something happens and then I want to go somewhere – that’s not how I want to do this. I want to go someplace when I’m healthy,” he said.

Making friends and enjoying more social contact

Another big factor in Morton’s decision to move to an active senior living community is the social integration. Since his wife passed away, he says, he has had less social contact in the evenings.

 “I teach two days a week, and I go to the gym two days a week,” Morton explained. “During the day is not my problem; I’m busy. In the evenings, though, I would like to have more social contact. It’s that simple.”

Morton looks forward to the convenience of this social activity once he moves to Fountaingate Gardens. Instead of calling friends and making plans, he can simply walk into the clubhouse and find like-minded people ready to play a game of cards, exercise in the gym, or go for a swim in the heated pool. He also knew that everyone would be ready to make new friends in this new community.

“In a new place, everyone is looking for friends. You’re bound to meet people,” he said. “That’s why everyone’s going there. No one is going there to be alone. So, it’s just a question of being brave. Usually, when people hesitate, it’s not the money; it’s the change. But I think everyone should look at this as a new beginning.”

If you’re interested in joining Morton and other like-minded people at Fountaingate Gardens, call today at 631-715-2693.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Morty. You articulately enumerated all my reasons for becoming a future resident of Fountaingate Gardens. And, as you said, because our deposit is fully refundable, it’s a no-brained!
    Can’t wait to move in!

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