Why Should I Make a Deposit?

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Choosing to move to a Life Plan Community (also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC) like Fountaingate Gardens is an important life decision. By now, you most likely know why you should move to a Life Plan Community, including the many benefits that accompany life at one. So, the most important question then becomes when you should take the next step.

If you’re considering Fountaingate Gardens in your future, the time to consider making your reservation deposit is now. Making a deposit now provides you plenty of choice and plenty of time to get ready. Because Fountaingate Gardens is still in the pre-construction phase, you will have plenty of time to rightsize and prepare to move on your schedule.

Taking the step to join the Fountaingate Gardens Founders Club with a reservation deposit allows you important benefits like locking in your choice of residence at today’s prices. Even if you don’t feel like you’re ready to make a move yet, the good news is that we’re not ready for you yet either! But, making a fully refundable deposit (with interest) now is still the best option, so that when you are ready, the ground work has been done.

Four Good Reasons to Deposit Now

  1. Fountaingate Gardens is expected to sell out before construction finishes on this exciting project. If you wait to make your deposit, you could end up waiting for your apartment for an unknown period of time. You could spend years missing out on living in a beautifully designed apartment home, enjoying an exceptional array of services and amenities that will only be available to residents of Fountaingate Gardens.
  2. You’ll lock in current prices. When you join the Founders Club with a reservation deposit, you lock in today’s entrance fee. You won’t have to worry about increases in price, inflation, or the entrance fee increases that may happen prior to construction and opening. You’ll know how much you’ll pay from the day you deposit, allowing you to plan and prepare with certainty.
  3. Members of the Founders Club will receive invitations to exclusive events. You’ll start meeting your neighbors and peers, forming friendships and finding common passions, before you even move in. Being a member of the Founders Club can also help you address the seven dimensions of wellness, helping you stay well, longer.
  4. By making these important decisions now for your future independent lifestyle, you are taking control of your own future, relieving your family from undue burdens, and having your new residence customized to your liking! By selecting a residence at Fountaingate Gardens, you are also securing your healthcare future through Gurwin, the local provider of senior services for almost 30 years, including a 5-star nursing & rehabilitation center and an elegant assisted living community.

What Steps Can I Take to Deposit?

The first thing you’ll want to do is either request an information kit online, or call our friendly, no-pressure sales team. Then, you should come in for a personal appointment. You’ll be able to meet, one-on-one, with an experienced Senior Lifestyle Consultant, who will answer all of your questions. From there, you can guarantee your spot at Fountaingate Gardens by selecting your future residence and join the Founders Club with a fully refundable 10% deposit on the residence of your choice!

The time is now to start preparing for an exciting future!

To set up your personal appointment, give our team a call at (631) 715-2693.

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