“Flower Power” Generation Celebrates Woodstock Anniversary at Fountaingate Gardens

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145 miles or so, south of Max Yasgar’s farm, “flower power generation” residents at Fountaingate Gardens, now in their 70s, gathered to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the Woodstock music and arts festival.    Donning tie-dye, fringe, headbands and peace signs, the community members and staff enjoyed a full day of activities centered around peace, music and camaraderie.

“It was a unique time of peace and love,” reflected Fountaingate Gardens founding member Bonnie Soman. “Hundreds of thousands of people came together –during very turbulent times — to celebrate music, and to peacefully take a stance against the Vietnam war.  Woodstock was a generational moment.”

The festivities began with a tie-dye shirt crafting event, followed by outdoor chair yoga in the dewy morning grass led by @MamaHypno yoga instructor Deb Tracy, who teaches biweekly classes at the new independent living community, ending with a coffee klatch meet-up in the community bistro.   Afternoon “hippie” happy hour, hosted by staff dressed in bell bottoms, sunglasses, sandals and bandanas, featured

Fountaingate Gardens founding member Bonnie Soman recalls Woodstock as a "generational moment."

Woodstock documentary, concert music and theme food, including signature “Hippie Juice” cocktails, peace-sign shaped platters of fruits and cheeses.

“We had a great turnout for our inaugural Woodstock remembrance event,” said Ryan Grady, Fountaingate Gardens’ executive director.  “It was wonderful to recreate the vibe of the iconic festival here on our campus.  Our community members enjoyed reminiscing with each other, and sharing stories with our younger staff about the significance of the festival, and the countercultural generation.”  

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